In serene Sarnath, behind the famous Deer Park, you can find the Vajra Vidya Institute and the new VVI guesthouse, Vajra Vidya House.

The rooms are spacious with attached bathrooms with hot water, desks and seating area. There’s kitchen, dining room with meals available and a multi-purpose room for meditation etc. The guesthouse is in a separate compound with a garden and 24 hour security guard.

In the garden is the “Kagyu Dharmachakra Stupa”.

From October-March, a bookstore/gift shop is open on campus featuring Thrangu Rinpoche's books.

This facility is also perfectly suitable for rent by organizations for retreats or other Buddhist functions. The multi-purpose room, dining room and kitchen are large enough for group activities. The guesthouse has 20 double rooms that are large enough for one extra bed to accomodate 60 people. The guesthouse compound is completely separate from the institute.

Normal Room rates (meals not included) are:

Single room or double room: 1000 rupees (approx. $15 US)

Extra bed: 300 rupees

Meals for one day: 400 rps. Meals are in the monastery dining room

Tashi Wangdu, Manager
Tel: +91-542-259-5749
Mobile: +91-9194 15224361
E -mail:

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