Nun Sponsorship Program
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While most of Thrangu Rinpoche's nuns live at Tara Abbey in Swyambunath, Nepal, some are in the traditional three year retreat in Manang while others are studying in various places in India and a few are living and teaching at centers abroad. Sponsorship money is pooled to provide for all nuns equally and the nuns are eager to correspond with their sponsors.

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Basic sponsorship for a nun is $240 (USD) per year.
Nuns in school at SMD need an extra $240 (USD) per year.

For more information please contact:
Debra Ann Robinson-Menzies, Director 310.395.6616
Himalayan Children's Fund P.O. Box 15644, Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA

Nuns on the way to school at SMD from Tara Abbey
Nuns on the way to school at SMD from Tara Abbey

nuns practicingNuns practicing debate

Nuns at Yarne
2013 Yarne Retreat

NunsTara Abbey Staff

young nun
Young Nun

Tara DancingTara Abbey nuns performing Tara Dance

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