November 4 - 10
(Labab Duchen)
Namo Buddha, Nepal The Annual Long Life Prayers and Lama Dancing for Thrangu Rinpoche's long life (Tsedup)

Announcement for the Live Webcast at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse - November 10, 2017
November 20  Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal 30th Anniversary of Shree Managal Dvip School.  Rinpoche's school for Himalayan children and culture in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
November 25 - 27 Namo Buddha, Nepal Three days of Long Life Pujas for Thrangu Rinpoche at Namo Buddha.
November 28   Thrangu Rinpoche's Birthday (10th day of the 10th Tibetan month)



February 10 Sarnath, Varanasi, India Vajra Vidya Institute, - Beginning of Mahakala pujas leading up to Tibetan New Year
February 16   Tibetan New Year (Losar)

March 7 - 16

Sarnath, Varanasi, India Vajra Vidya Institute
Teaching: Chapter 4 on Carefulness and Chapter 5 on Mindfulness from "The Way of the Bodhisattva"  by Shantideva
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March 31 - April 4

Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Namo Buddha Seminar
Teaching at Shree Mangal Dvip School Shrinehall.
Subject: Two selected songs (dohas) from the collection of Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo
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April 6 - 16  Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal Grand Mani Drubchen, Boudha, Kathmand, Nepal
at Shree Mangal Dvip School Shrinehall.
October 25 - 31 Namo Buddha, Nepal Estimated time for the Annual Long Life Prayers for Thrangu Rinpoche at Namo Buddha ending on the 31st which is Labab Duchen.
November 17   Thrangu Rinpoche's 85th Birthday (86 years old according to the Tibetan tradition)
(Tibetan Calendar: 10th day, 10th month, Guru Rinpoche Day.)

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