Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

General donations and sponsorship are urgently needed to support the 548 monks of Thrangu Monastery in Nepal and India. The rising cost of food, fuel, clothing and medicine alone present quite a challenge to the budget, but recent medical and hospital bills for the monks have made the situation critical. Current funding is just not enough to cover the expense. Many monks are not sponsored and most of the more than 200 young monks in school in Nepal and India have no sponsor.

Please consider either a full or partial sponsorship of a monk or making a general donation for the support of the monastery. It will be greatly appreciated!

Thrangu monksThrangu monks
Thrangu monks
( photos credit:  Karma Changdub )

Cost to sponsor a school monk $480.00 a year for a a secular education up to Grade 10 at Shree Mangal Dvip School and the SMD Branch School at Namo Buddha

Cost to sponsor a regular monk 240.00 a year including monks in three year retreat

Cost to sponsor a shedra monk 600.00 a year These monks are studying Higher Buddhist philosophy in the monastic colleges at Namo Buddha and the Vajra Vidya Institute in India.

To contibute to the support of monks or to sponsor:

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