Young boys (mainly from the mountain regions of Nepal and India) come with their families to Thrangu Monastery requesting to be accepted into the monastery as novice monks throughout the year. The young monks begin their monastic and secular education in India at either the Vajra Vidya Institute in Sarnath or the Pullahari Drupkhang near Nalanda. After a year or two of training and learning to read and write, they are placed in one of Rinpoche's schools in Nepal. Monks assigned to the monastery in Boudhanath study at Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School (SMD) and those assigned to the monastic center in Namo Buddha study at the Branch School for Monks (SMDBS).

The number of new monks has increased so much in the last two years that the monasteries (especially in India and Boudhanath) are struggling to provide nourishing food suitable for growing children. They are in need of increased funding to provide extra milk, protein, fresh fruit and a variety of good vegetables.

Please consider giving a general donation toward food for the monks and/or sponsoring an individual monk on a yearly basis.

If you wish to sponsor an individual monk, please contact Debra Ann Robinson, Himalayan Children's Fund:

You can donate through any non-profit foundation that supports Thrangu Rinpoche activities.

Photos by Karma Changchub

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