Upcoming Events

Year 2024

July 21–Sept. 2
The Annual Summer Retreat

The monks and nuns of Thrangu main monasteries, and branch monasteries in Nepal, India and Tibet will sit for 45 days long retreat.

Nov. 16–22
Annual Thrangu Tsedrup Puja and Lama Dance

The Annual Thrangu Tsedrup Puja, a week long prayer is performed for the flourishing of the Dharma and world peace as well as the longevity and the well being of all sentient beings. It is performed at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery, Namo Buddha.

Year 2025

Feb. 19–27
Annual Great Mahakala Puja

Annual Mahakala grand puja is performed for nine days before they welcome lunar new year which is called Losar.

February 28
Lunar Tibetan New Year 2152
April 18–27
The 31st Annual Thrangu Mani Dungdrup Puja

The Mani Dhungdrup Puja, recitation of 100 million Mani Mantras of Avalokiteshvara is held every year with the auspicious blessings of V.V. Khenchen ‘Thrangu Rinpoche at SMD School in Tinchuli, Boudha.