Choeje Lama and representatives of Thrangu monastery Meet H.H. Dalai Lama, H.H. Tai Situ Rinpoche, and H.E. Ling Rinpoche

The representatives of Thrangu Monastery Choje Lama Wangchuk Topden, Dungse Lama Pema, and Khenpo Tashi met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tai Situ Rinpoche, and His Eminence Ling Rinpoche. Choje Lama Wangchuk shares his experiences:

On June 18, after practicing the guru yoga sadhana at Namo Buddha, Dungse Lama Pema, Khenpo Tashi, and I left for Kathmandu around 8:30pm. On June 19, we flew to Delhi, where we spent a night. On June 20, we departed for Dharamsala by train and arrived at McLeod Ganj in the afternoon. 

On June 21, we were able to have an audience with H.H. the Dalai Lama. More than 300 people came for audience. Inside the main building, we met and received blessings from H.H. the Dalai Lama. Meanwhile, we also got a precious opportunity to see H.E. Ling Rinpoche, who had just returned from Europe and was also waiting to meet His Holiness.

When it was our turn to meet His Holiness, we were able to make the body, speech, and mind offerings. Out of his compassion, he gave advice for the Thrangu community, which is available on Youtube. We stayed in his presence from early morning until around 11am.

After lunch, we went for an official audience with H.E. Ling Rinpoche, since we only saw him coincidently while we were in the sitting room of H.H. the Dalai Lama that morning. It was around a half hour drive from McLeod Ganj to where he was staying. We were also fortunate to be able to make offerings to him. We paid our respects and expressed gratitude for the prayer for Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s swift return that he had composed. We were also able to meet the Kagyu representative prior to meeting H.E. Ling Rinpoche. 

On June 22, we departed for Palpung Sherab Ling monastery early in the morning to meet H.H. Tai Situ Rinpoche. They had a few programs already arranged for that day. In the morning, there was an enthronement ceremony of new Khenpos and Lopöns of Sherab Ling monastery, and in the afternoon, there was an enthronement ceremony of new Khenpos and Lopöns of H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche’s Pullahari Monastery. Nevertheless, H.H. Tai Situ Rinpoche was kind enough to invite the three of us for lunch amid such a busy schedule. We were also able to make the body, speech, and mind offerings to him, and spent almost two hours in his presence. H.H. Tai Situ Rinpoche was very pleased with everything that we have done for our kind root guru Yongdzin Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche during this period of time. He expressed that he has seen and heard of what the Thrangu communities around the world have been doing since Rinpoche’s parinirvana, and is very pleased with everything. He especially stated it was excellent that our precious Rinpoche could return back to Namo Buddha and pass into parinirvana at his main monastery. He was very pleased to know that Rinpoche was able to take his last breath in the monastery.

We offered him the invitation to join the main cremation ceremony for Rinpoche, which is to be held on November 4, 2023. H.H. Tai Situ Rinpoche kindly accepted and said that he will try his best to be present for the ceremony. After lunch, at around 2 pm, we returned to Dharamsala and stayed there overnight. 

On June 23, we flew from Dharamsala to Delhi. Due to poor weather conditions, sometimes flights undergo delays or get canceled. Thankfully, our flight was only delayed for half an hour. 

Finally on June 24, we flew back to Kathmandu. From the airport, we went to the Boudha monastery and stayed for a short while, and then returned back to the Namo Buddha monastery. I think the entire trip was extremely meaningful and fruitful. 

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