Drukpa Kagyu Khenpo Shedrup, Thrangu Dharmakara group, Purna Sddhi Shakya and nuns of Khenpo Tsultrim nunnery visited the Kudung

Today (July 27) the resident lamas of overseas Thrangu dharma centers continue to perform the Marpa guru yoga practice before Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s Kudung.

The Venerable Zuri Rinpoche and 10 students, Drukpa Kagyu Khenpo Shedrup Tenzin and group, and 2 nuns from Khen Rinpoche Tsultrim Gyamtso’s Thekchokling nunnery came to pay respects to Rinpoche’s Kudung. Khenpo Tengye, Ani Jangchub, Mr. Chen Li-An (Khenpo’s father and Taiwan’s former minister), and 12 students came from Taiwan to pay respects and spent a night in Namo Buddha.

Likewise, Boudha silversmith Purna Siddhi Shakya and family came and offered a silver butter lamp to the Kudung and made offerings to the Sangha; the Venerable Gosok Rinpoche’s sister, nephew, niece, and 50 Tibetan and Chinese students came to pay resepects; Drupon Lama Sherab Tendar and his dharma brother the Venerable Master Sun came to pay respects and made offerings to the Sangha.

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