Ven. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Monastics Pay Respects to the Kudung and Perform Pema Vajra Puja at the Main Shrine all

July 30, 2023

Today the Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and 170 monastics of Tergar Oselling – Kathmandu, Nepal came to pay respects and participated in the Parinirvana Puja of the Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Namo Buddha.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche was warmly received by the Parinirvana Puja Committee, headed by the Venerable Choje Lama, and more than a hundred shedra monastics. Mingyur Rinpoche made supplications and aspirations before Rinpoche’s Kudung, and presided over the Marpa guru yoga practice held by resident lamas of overseas Thrangu dharma centers.

At 8am, the monastics of Tergar monastery began the day-long practice of Pema Vajra at the main shrine hall of the monastery. Once the practice was completed, the Parinirvana Puja Committee, led by the Venerable Choje Lama, made offerings of body, speech, and mind to Mingyur Rinpoche, and offerings to the Tergar Sangha. Mingyur Ripoche also granted a public audience to monastics and lay devotees.

His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche and 60 monastics came to pay respects to Rinpoche’s Kudung, and then headed to the Tara shrine hall to recite “The King of Aspiration Prayer”, “A Prayer for Rebirth in Sukhāvatī”, and the prayer for swift rebirth he had written himself.
At noon, Mingyur Rinpoche, Shyalpa Rinpoche, Choje Lama, and Tulku Damcho had lunch at the Labrang. Afterwards, Shyalpa Rinpoche and monastics returned to Rinpoche’s Kudung to pay respects and make aspirations.

From 7pm to 8.30pm, Khenpos, teachers, and students gather at the main shrine hall to practice the Thrangu guru yoga and recite prayers for swift rebirth.

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